Honoring Our Veterans – Castro Valley Veterans Memorial

The Bay Area’s newest memorial, the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial, is a permanent tribute to our brave veteran heroes – military men and women who have served our country. The Castro Valley Veterans Memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, at Castro Valley Community Park.

It took three years of blood sweat and tears to turn what was once an empty space in the heart of Castro Valley, CA, into something much more.

Everything is made of granite and concrete. There is no bronze that can be stolen and there are no moving parts to break. The color used in each logo is the exact color for each branch of the armed services. The names on the back belong to veterans of service. The material used is a lithographic paint designed to last for decades. The smallest piece of granite at the memorial weighs 570-lbs and the largest weighs 4,000-lbs.

Memorial Expansion Project Approved by HARD

Donations for the Expansion Project are needed. We will not begin construction until we have all funds needed, $150,000.

If you would like to support this project, we need your donations soon.

Place your advanced order for a Stone Engraving or Brick Paver for the expansion area. We will NOT begin engraving stones or placing pavers in the Expansion area until our goal of $150,000 is reached, but you may reserve your engraving and brick today!

View renderings of the Expansion Project

Contact Us for information about making a donation, ordering a Brick Paver or Stone Engraving

Help needed to identify those Killed in Action (KIA’s)

The Veterans Memorial Committee needs community assistance to identify KIA’s in the two following categories:

  1. It has proven difficult to locate the names of Castro Valley Natives that were KIA. We currently have 23 names in the KIA Section of the Memorial. Castro Valley Native KIA’s will be engraved at no cost.
  2. We would like to identify all KIA’s that are currently engraved on the Service Stone’s or Brick Pavers.

If you can be of assistance with identifying KIA heroes, please e-mail the information to Tony Lindsey.