Order Brick Paver

Brick Paver: $100 minimum donation

To place your Brick Paver Order online and pay using PayPal, please fill out the Brick Paver Order form below. If you prefer, you may place your Brick Paver order by printing and mailing your order form to the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial. Click here to preview and print form.


We are now accepting donations for the Expansion area. Areas for placement of the new Expansion are as follows:

  • Expansion Premium Location – $150 pre-order, $175 when Expansion has been completed
  • Expansion Standard Location – $100 now, $125 when Expansion has been completed

Instructions for ordering your personalized Brick Paver:

  • Fill out the inscription as you would like your Brick to read using the boxes provided below.
  • You may use 1, 2 or 3 lines per Brick and are limited to 14 characters per line.
  • There is no limit to the number of Bricks that may be ordered at $100 per Brick.
  • If you are ordering an Expansion area Brick Paver, check the box pertaining to the area you are ordering for; ie, Premium Upper Level Brick $150 now, $175 after Expansion completed.
  • Anyone may order a Brick Paver to show their support of Veterans or the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial – Veterans, non-Veterans, local businesses, etc.
  • You may request specific brick placement and we will try to accommodate your request. However, we do not guarantee placement in any specific location or section.


  • A space is considered a character.
  • Centering is done automatically by the engraver.



If you would like to make a donation to the Castro Valley Memorial, please click here.

Please consult your tax advisor on whether this donation is considered a tax deduction.